Medium Room with Toilet Attached
Rm800 ( rent room, not house )

Rental include: 
1. Unlimited electric ( no extra charge )
2. water 
3. internet
4. 24 hour technician support
5. Free Twice Cleaning per week .

Walking distance: 
1. Sunway Medical
2. Sunway Geo
3. Sunway Pinnacle
4. Sunway Uni
5. Monash Uni
6. Toa.

The Room has : 
1. Daikin Air Con & Fan
2. Large Study desk
3. chair
4. Wardrobe
5. 12inches mattress and Divan

The Kitchen:
1. Washing Machine
2. Water dispenser ( 7 water filters )
3. Electric cooker
4. 2 Big Fridges
5. UNIFI (100mbps)

Whatsapp: 0172835098, poppy
whatsapp: 0172835098, poppy 

whatsapp: 0172835098, poppy

For more info please refer our company website

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